How to… uphill kick-turn!

How to… uphill kick-turn!
January 22, 2017 Nathalie Drotar

Here are a couple videos to inspire us back-country skiers to practice the perfect uphill kick-turns!  You might laugh because you are a kick-ass downhill skier but will come spring when we’re headed for longer days in steeper terrain and if you have to fiddle 3-5 min. to perform every kick-turn – and i’ve seen it! –  it will not only:

1. slow the whole group down and

2. put the group at risk as it is lingering longer than necessary in a possible avi zone that should be crossed efficiently and

3. you will get to the top with tired legs which will make your ski descent not as pleasant as you thought it would.. 

So.. practice makes the master: start on lower angle slopes first than see how you do on steeper slopes with more snow.. 

Video 1:

Video 2:

Oh and if you find yourself a bit stiff for this kind of exercise, work on these hip openers, try yoga or stretching!! or practice with only your ski boots on in your living-room then add the skis 🙂 Kick-turns are crucial for up-slope efficiency so get at it!

Happy kick-turns and see you out there skiing!


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