How to log in to the ACC Calgary website

How to log in to the ACC Calgary website
December 16, 2015 Susan
If you are having troubles logging in, go to
Here is a picture of the login screen, and where you click if you’ve forgotten your password.
This will bring you to the forgot password screen.  Here you just re-enter your username, or the email address you use for ACC stuff.
Wait a few mins, and this email will appear in your inbox.  Click the link at the bottom of your email:
The website will then suggest a “strong password”
But you can override that with a password of your choosing by just typing something different in the box (please don’t actually use “password” as your password).  Then you click “reset password”….
You will be brought back to the original login screen.  Enter your username (firstname.lastname), new password, and click the “I’m not a robot” box.
ACCYYC has implemented googles reCAPTCHA by Google. The webpage will ask you to perform an additional simple task (like clicking on a picture of a cat but not a shoe, or something like that) to verify that you are not a bot.  The purpose of the last simple (and seemingly silly) task is to prevent automatic programs from trying to hack into the website, by giving the user a task that is easy for a human, but difficult for a computer program.   Most users experience is that once you do the picture task once, every subsequent sign-in simply requires you to click the “I’m not a robot” box, and that’s it.
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