Automatic Trip Report Updates

Automatic Trip Report Updates
March 2, 2016 Webmaster

The website has been set-up to automatically update users about new posts and photo galleries through RSS feeds. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syntax” and is relatively quick to set-up. Notifications are real-time and you have lots of flexibility in what RSS feed app you want to use. Two common RSS apps include Microsoft Outlook and Feedly. Below we’ll discuss Feedly.

Step one: Install Feedly on Chrome, your Android mobile device, your Apple mobile device or all three.

Step two: Sign-into Feedly using a Google, Twitter, Facebook or Microsoft account. Your settings will be synced across all of your devices that you have installed Feedly and have signed into.


Step three: Add content by clicking on the “Add Content” button shown in the photo below. The three URLs you will need to add are:

  • Posts:
  • Photo Galleries:



Step four: Organize your content through the ‘Organize’ button found in the left window (click on the three horizontal bars on the top-left to display this window) and the settings gear on the top right of your displayed feed (located just left of the search field). These two options will allow you to group your feeds as you wish and to change how they are displayed. For example, you can organize your posts to look like the following:

If you ever want to remove a feed, you can do it in the ‘Organize’ area or click the feed to select it, and the click the “Gear” where “Remove” is the last option in the menu.

We hope you find RSS a better way to keep up-to-date with club posts. Email is still used for the Breeze (through MailChimp) and event management through the Event Calendar application. 



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